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A This refers to the waving phenomenon that occurs during high speed driving.
When the car is driving on the road, the contacting surface is not an arc but a straight line. But because the tire has a strong elasticity, it recovers as soon as it gets off from the contacting surface. 
When the tire rotates at a high speed before the deformation from the contact with the surface of the road recovers the next deformation occurs, making a wave shape to be buoyed. When this vibration becomes the same frequency as the rotating speed, the wave seems like it is still. This is called the standing wave phenomenon.
A Because the appropriate air pressure level differs by the car, please refer to the owner"s manual.
A When you look at the side part of the tire, you can see the following symbols 
DOT H2 A7 YHB 3203 
If you read the numbers part of the code, you can identify the manufactured date. 

* 03: Manufactured year. 2003 
* 32: Manufactured week. 32 weeks. 
A fIt is the tire of the future that you can safely drive when the tire is flat. 

The future car will be equipped with state of the art IT functions and we can easily imagine that it will be a much safer car. There is some good news for the people who dream of cars flying in the sky, swimming in the water and driving even with the gun shot to the tire as can be seen in the 007 movies. At least the dream is becoming reality for the tire. 

Recently the UHP (Ultra High Performance) tires with increased safety at high speed are gaining explosive popularity. Now the tire exceeds the safety of the UHP tire in normal conditions and the run-flat tire will be the future tire to succeed the UHP. 

The basic concept of the run-flat tire is that it can drive at maximum speed of 80km/h even with a flat tire. 
Recently as technology advance accelerates, there are tire developed to run up to more than 100km/h and even up to a maximum of 300km/h. A flat tire was directly linked to an accident in the past and usually the driver had to stop or if not, it caused damage to the expensive wheel and other suspension. The run-flat tire is a great tire for drivers who drive long distances frequently, who cannot replace the spare tire or who are female drivers.
AThe winter tire maximizes the contacting force and the towing ability through tread rubber and pattern design. 

By inserting Kerf inside the tread block, the winter tire maximizes the contact surface. But the summer tire uses the new material, silica rubber to optimize the towing power by maintains the flexibility in the low temperature unlike normal rubber. 

The winter tire can be classified into the tires with the spikes to increase the towing ability and friction and the studless tire utilizing the simple tread rubber material and pattern design. Of course, the tires with the spikes show better performance but as you deviate from the snow road, the riding comfort and noise performance is disadvantage in the snow.