Eco-Friendly products

Eco-Friendly Tires

With the intensifying demand for eco-friendly transition in the global automobile industry, the fossil fuel-based internal combustion engine car market is becoming smaller and the hydrogen/electric car market is growing. Kumho Tire is developing tires for EVs meeting the characteristics of electric vehicles driven by the rotational motion of the motor and the performance required by global car markers, and will present eco-friendly tire products with high-efficiency and low-pollution characteristics such as durability, wear resistance, and torque resistance.


  • Total of 27.9 billion won fo fuel cost saved (Fuel savings 18,639kl)
  • Total of 28.705 tons of CO2 reduced
  • The effect of planting a total of 2.39 million trees

*Based on the sales of VS31 & ES31 in 2021

Development of EV Tires

In preparation for the demand of EV automobiles showing exponential growth, Kumho Tire plans to secure EV tire design base technology and upgrade relevant design technologies through BM (Bench Marking) precision analysis for global EVs, upgrading relevant design technologies

Eco-Friendly Products

We are expanding our low-wear & low-carbon tires with the launch of TA91 ev and HP71 ev, our products specialized for EVs in 2022. In addition, the eco-friendly products at Kumho Tire include VS31, VA31, and ES31. We will continue to spare no efforts in developing products contributing to the reduction of negative environmental impact as well as having superior quality.

  • TA91 ev
  • HP71 ev

  • VS31
  • VA31
  • ES31

Development of Low-Wear-Low-Carbon Tires

Kumho Tire is carrying out various studies for the development of low-wear-low-carbon tires contributing to the reduction of fine dust and greenhouse gas emission.

LCA establishment

With the LCA system, Kumho Tire quantitatively analyzes and evaluates the environmental effect consumed and exhausted in the life cycle to not only minimize the effect to the environment but also to proactively use the results to the development of environmentally friendly product.

Material acquisition
Products Manufacturing
Use and Disposal

Development of Sustainable Materials

Kumho Tire is continuously promoting development of eco-friendly compound technology applying regenerated or recycled materials as well as plant-based eco-friendly new materials in tire production.

Sustainable Material Application Road Map
Sustainable Material Application Road Map Sustainable Material Application Road Map
  • Recycled : Recycled Materials Recycled carbon black, MRP, recycled PET
  • Bio-sourced : Bio-sourced Materials Natural rubber, eco-friendly butadiene
  • Petrochem
  • 2022년 Petrochem about 75% , Bio-sourced about 24%, Recycled about 1%
  • 2030년 Petrochem about 60% , Bio-sourced about 30%, Recycled about 10%
  • 2045년 Petrochem about 0% , Bio-sourced about 60%, Recycled about 40%