Human Rights Training

From the stage of employment, Kumho Tire does not tolerate any form of discrimination of employees by gender, disability, race, and marital status. To further cultivate a positive organizational culture, we conduct statutory mandatory education on the improvement of awareness of people with disabilities, the avoidance of sexual harassment, and the protection of personal information on a regular basis.

  • Disability awareness training
    • Understanding disability and preventing discrimination
    • Types of disabilities and awareness improvement of disability at workplace
  • Sexual harassment Prevention eduction
    • Sexual harassment cases in workplace
    • Sexual harassment laws in workplace and responses
  • Workplace harassment prevention education
    • Harassment prevention laws
    • Harassment prevention principles
  • Privacy protection training
    • Management of personal information files
    • Preventing damage from data leakage
  • Interviewers training on gender equality
    Additional training on preventing workplace harassment

Employee Grievance Resolution

Kumho Tire operates grievance resolution system to create a mutually respectful corporate culture and protect the human rights of employees. Employees can report any distress or difficulties at workplace, human rights violations including unfair instructions, sexual harassment, or harassment in the workplace, as well as illegal and unfair practices. Reported cases are processed in a prompt manner. Anonymity and confidentiality are strictly guaranteed to ensure that the informants do not suffer any disadvantage or discrimination.

  • Step 1

    Incident filing
    • Preporting and awareness
    • * Privacy protection without any penalties Fact-based and specific descriptions
  • Step 2

    • Consultations with victims or reporting persons to outline the case and understand victim's request
  • Step 3

    • Skip Investigation - Preliminary investigation - Official investigation
  • Step 4

    Harassment fact-finding and action
    • Take action against the perpetrator, including disciplinary action, upon confirming the facts
  • Step 5

    • Monitoring subsequent damage or harassment on the victim and informants


Kumho Tire is working hard to strengthen talent development system and diversify customized education design and training methods to strengthen its basic competencies and job competencies.

Great Place to Work Great Place to Work
  • Basic competency course
    Job competency improvement training
    E-learning (language, book, management)
    Mandatory training
    Code of ethics and bylaws education
    All-employee organization activation course
    Customized workshops for teams

    Sharing core values and management philosophy Building consensus through enhanced employee communication

  • Hierarchical courses
    • New employee training
    • New team leader course
    • New executive course
    • Employee follow-up course
    • Promotee training
    • Promotee candidate course
    • Leader and evaluator training

    Establishment of leadership education system Strengthening education for assistant, assistant manager, and manager

  • Job-specific courses
    • Improving practical skills
    • Common job training
    • New employee mentoring
    • Tire academy (liberal arts)
    • Education for overseas executives
    • In-house lecturer training program

    Redefine job knowledge system

  • Core talent course
    • MBA program (domestic, overseas)
    • Research center degree support (domestic and overseas doctoral programs)

Great place to work

We operate and develop various welfare programs to support employees' work-life balance to improve job satisfaction and create a good working environment.

Work & Life Balance

Kumho Tire guarantees employees a flexible and efficient work system and free use of vacations to ensure balance between work and life. Going forward, we will continue to actively introduce policies for employee's better life and encourage utilization.

  • Flexible Work
    • Flexible commute schedule outside of core hours
    • Improve work engagement and secure work-life balance
  • PC-OFF
    • Automated system for break alarms and start and end of shifts
    • Ensuring on-time work and respect for evening hours
  • Self-Approval of
    • Self-approving of vacation
    • Establishing an autonomous and proactive vacation culture
  • Leaders’
    • Organized mandatory time off for leaders the second week of every month
    • Improving work engagement and work-life balance
  • Refresh
    • Create a culture that definitely establishes when to work and when to rest
  • Life & House
    • Living expense assistance (in case of illness and industrial accident leave)
    • Employee apartment (at plants)
    • Support for house rent (working in a domestic sales office), etc.
  • Health & Family
    • Employee health checkups
    • Leave and allowance for congratulations and condolences
    • Childcare center (at plants)
    • Medical expenses (including spouse and children)
    • Educational expenses for children (kindergarden to university)
    • Long service rewards
  • Culture & Leisure
    • Organization of company clubs
    • Providing tire discount coupons
    • Summer vacation and subsidy, etc.