Human Rights Management

From the stage of employment, Kumho Tire does not tolerate any form of discrimination of employees by gender, disability, race, and marital status. To further cultivate a positive organizational culture, we conduct statutory mandatory education on the improvement of awareness of people with disabilities, the avoidance of sexual harassment, and the protection of personal information on a regular basis.

  • Education to improve awareness for the disabled
    • Understanding disabilities and prohibiting discrimination against the disabled
    • Understanding disability types and improving awareness in the workplace
  • Education to prevent sexual harassment
    • Workplace sexual harassment and case study
    • Workplace sexual harassmentrelated laws and handling method
  • Education for workplace harassment prevention
    • Harassment-related laws and prevention rules
  • Personal information protection training
    • How to manage files containing personal information
    • Prevention of damage from information leakage

Grievance Handling Process

Kumho Tire offers an employee grievance counseling method to help employees request the handling of their grievance in workplace, hence boosting organizational commitment.

Counseling and Report Process
Environmental Management Organizational Chart Environmental Management Organizational Chart

Counseling-Report received → Content of case checked and investigated (When a reason for investigation suspension occurs : Investigation suspended) → Result of investigation reported (Reported case not acknowledged : Case closed) → Punishment decided and follow-up action taken

Reason for Suspension Applicant withd rawing report and not wishing for further investigation, case being investigated by another institution


Kumho Tire is working hard to strengthen talent development system and diversify customized education design and training methods to strengthen its basic competencies and job competencies.

  • Basic Competency

    • Job competency improvement training
    • E-learning (language, books, management)
    • Legally required training
    • Training of Code of Ethics and Moral Code
  • Competency by Job

    • Practical competency improvement
    • Common job training
    • New employee mentoring
    • Tire Academy (refinement)
    • Training for new expatriates
    • In-house instructor training course
  • Core Talent

    • MBA course
      (domestic, abroad)
    • Research institute degree support(domestic and overseas master's and doctoral)
  • Organization Activation

    • Organizational vitalization process for all employees (team REFRESH)
    • Customized workshop for teams


To guarantee job satisfaction among employees, Kumho Tire supports employees’ welfare by establishing welfare regulation and providing programs.

Welfare program
Life & House Life & House

Support for living expenses (in case of illness or industrial accident care) Employee apartment (plants) Housing rental support (work at domestic sales branches), etc.

Health Family Health Family

Employee health check-up Medical expenses support (including spouse/children) Leaves and expense support for congratulations and condolences Children’s school expenses (until university) In-house daycare center (plants) Rewards for long service

Culture & Leisure Culture & Leisure

Employee association Tire discount coupons Summer vacation and summer vacation bonuses