We will always be there to help customers find the best direction.
We will place top priority on quality and environment to move the hearts of customers.

Thank you very much for your interest and support for Kumho Tire.
I am well aware of the fact that in the past year we have received attention from our stakeholders about the internal and external situations of Kumho Tire.
Currently, Kumho Tire is pushing for structural innovation and cost reduction policies to break the difficult business environment.
We are also working hard to successfully stabilize our new factories in Nanjing, China and in the state of Georgia U.S.

Last year, Kumho Tire ranked first in the tire category of the Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index(KCSI) for the 13th consecutive year, maintained its market share in the domestic automaker market, and worked hard to increase sales by strengthening tis line-up of high-value added products. In 2018, all executives and employees at Kumho Tire will continue to do their best to normalize operations amid the slow recovery trend in the global market.
We are working on related systems to ensure that this year's newly established management principles-"market orientation, faithfulness to the basics, and profit generation"-are internalized throughout the company.

We also will listen to the voices of customers in a market-oriented way of thinking, be faithful to the basic rules of business by examining core competitiveness, and generate profit by producing high value-added products and securing cost competitiveness.

Ultimately, we will share value with our stakeholders and make continuous efforts for sustainable management.
We humbly appreciate your continued support of Kumho Tire.

President and CEO Kumho Tire co., Inc